We believe in the power of people.

Pack is a simple, powerful way to give people the right things to share at the right time on social media.

  • Cut through

    the noise

    People are 16 times more likely to click on a post from a friend than from an organisation. Give your supporters the best things to share at the best possible time.

  • Connect with your audience

    Social media is proven to be most effective when a post is authentic and trusted.  That's why friends, family, colleagues or neighbours will listen more when they see a post from someone they know.

  • Build a movement

    Build real relationships between your campaign and your supporters. Pack shows each wolf their stats when they share and is a great way to find new supporters.

Easily create shareables for your community.

Pack allows you to create simple shareables to get your community involved.

Customisable cards make generating a buzz for your campaign a simple and enjoyable process.

View beautiful, in-depth stats on who has shared and when.

Our dashboard makes tracking the success of your campaign easier than ever.

You can use Pack to see how popular your shareables are, what social media platform is most effective and which of your wolves has the biggest impact.

Powerful notifications to share the right thing, at the right time.

You can use Pack to communicate with your wolves – tell them what you want them to share, when you want to share it.

We know that SMS has a 96% open rate, so we send a text message and an email to your supporters to let them know they're needed.

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